10 Small Bedroom Furniture Ideas

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10. Slim cabinet
If you want your small room to be filled with furniture like the bed, table and closet, you can choose a thin bed that does not take up much space in it.

9. Idea of ​​original stair storage
You would not have guessed what the stairs really are because they really look like any other staircase in common until you open them. The wooden staircase functions as a storage room in this loft bedroom.

8. Twin racks
Making good use of the windows, this room has enough lighting to illuminate it. The curtains are black with monochromatic floral motifs.

7. DIY wall partition
When you need to divide your room with something that you can move or change later, a DIY book shelf would be a good idea.

6. The bed with the latest storage design
With magic, you can turn a bed into a piece of furniture that has many functions at the same time as seen here.

5. Mini DIY table
The DIY furniture will have a little more value and satisfaction since you are the one who did it. And it does not have to be complicated, in fact, with a simple design, you can get what you want.

4. DIY corner desk
The corner can be a valuable asset that you have in the room. It is because you can make a desk or DIY corener shelves that can decorate it. There will no longer be a corner that is empty, since you know how to decorate it.

3. Adding some plants
When you have everything in the bedroom, like a comfortable bed with pillows and a rug, you should consider adding some green plants.

2. Cabinet mounted on the wall
Impressive in a combination of bright colors, this room applies orange sheets that really stand out here.

1. Unique bedroom furniture
This room is absolutely unique with its incredible wooden furniture that also function as a headboard. It protrudes, allowing the bedroom to be pushed in, which saves some space.

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    10 Small Bedroom Furniture Ideas

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