5 Tips to Design A Traditional Bathroom

A remodeling of a traditional bathroom can have a big impact on the comfort level of your home, not to mention its resale value.
As you research classic ideas about toilets and browse through photos, be sure to keep the bathrooms that catch your eye and discover some of the common features that seem to repeat themselves.
Traditional bathroom designs are inspired by design trends, materials and decoration related to specific historical eras. Victorian and colonial styles come to mind when traditional design is mentioned, but this style of design does not necessarily have to be overtly specific to the time.
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The surfaces are an important element of traditional bathroom designs.
The countertops most often feature natural materials or natural imitation, such as stone, slate or granite.
Tile options for floors and walls range from historical to vintage, with subway, hexagonal or penny tiles for all popular types.
It is also possible to mix and match eras in a traditional bathroom design, although you probably do not want the effect to be too shocking. If possible, try to combine decorative touches of adjacent eras to obtain a subtle but visually interesting effect.
Traditional design
Traditional bathroom designs can add elegance and resale value to a home.
These proven and true family designs have lasted through the years due to their universal charm, so it is a good bet that a traditional bathroom design will appeal to a wide range of family members, guests and potential buyers.
Traditional materials
The use of solid and resistant materials in the design of your traditional bathroom will definitely help create a timeless feel.
Whether you use a porcelain-clad tub as the centerpiece, or use marble and metal for a sink stand, grounding your design with these classic materials will give you the best of daring design and traditional style.
Copper bathroom sinks
Copper bathroom sinks can be an excellent choice for almost any bathroom design, and are especially popular for colonial and Tuscan / Mediterranean bathroom styles.
Traditional bathroom paint colors
The rule of the three is a great guiding principle to create a combination of bathroom colors for a traditional bathroom.
Choose a neutral one, a rich color and an accent.
Think about the proportion and trust a 70/20/10 distribution: use the lightest color for 70 percent of the room decoration, the second lightest for 20 percent and the boldest for 10 percent hundred.
Neutrals can be combined in different ways. For example, whiter brown more light green cocoa is equal to fresh, clean and classic. But white, brown cocoa and kelly green are energizing and edifying.

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5 Tips to Design A Traditional Bathroom

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