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The design of the tiles can create a surprise factor in a normal bathroom. The choices in tiles are huge and can be overwhelming. An expensive tile is not necessary to create a high-end appearance. Economical tiles when combined with a complementary accent tile can look very sophisticated. You do not need to worry about the cost of accent tiles when used sparingly; A little goes a long way I like to use large-scale tiles on the floor and on the walls of the shower to create a simple but dramatic result. People often think that it is necessary to use smaller tiles in a small room to maintain scale and proportion. In this case, the opposite is true.
Large-scale tiles in a small room create drama and simplicity. Most of my clients are surprised when I suggest large tiles in a small space, but they are always delighted with the result.

When I build a new home, I think it is vital to have an interior designer on board, could Kathy explain to me about the use of an interior designer?

Interior designers have a great exposure to current products and how to use them creatively. Interior designers are trained by the experience of how to visualize a complete room before it has even taken shape. They are able to visually guide their clients through the large number of options necessary to create a desired result.

As a full service design and construction company, my team is made up of the specific professionals your job requires and they inform me, so I only have one person to deal with, and I take care of all deadlines, budgets and materials .

I want to thank you for your time and interest in my video. Feel free to browse all the information on my website. You can call me at the office at 651-480-3702 or directly to my cell phone at 651-248-7221. I hope to do business with you and I hope to build your dream.

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    Bathroom Tile, Tips, Ideas, Remodeling, Interior Designer, Minneapolis, Woodbury, Hastings

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