BEDROOM Decorating Ideas | #WWRD 2

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Interior designer Rebecca Robeson approaches her subscribers to participate in the #WWRD contest. Each week, Rebecca will select a winner and make at least 5 suggestions on how to improve her space. Today's winner … DEBBIE TAUZIN of Louisiana
The 6 best Debbie things you can do to improve your space 🙂
# 1. Raise the art to create a proportionate balance.
# 2. Create a focal point on the bed.
# 3. Loop in the color scheme with wall panels (Window Treatments)
# 4. Add rectangular table under the window for vase with twigs.
# 5. Create symmetry on the wall of the television with matching lamps.
# 6. Add a carpet area to the floor and soften the space.

# 1. You MUST be a SUBSCRIBER to our two channels:

# 2. Select a room you need help with.
# 3. Take 4 horizontal photos. One from each wall (the photos taken DIRECT work better) … in the selected room.
# 4. I like our Facebook page:
# 5. Publish your 4 photos on YOUR OWN Facebook page … Using the hashtag #WWRD
(optional, but useful) leaves a brief description of the room
(optional, but useful) Include an overview of the floor plan so that Rebecca can understand your design easily.
# 6 Come back every Monday to see if you're the lucky winner … and discover the secrets of Rebecca's design magic!
** You need your name and location of Youtube … no address, only area, please.

If you do not have a Facebook account, you can enter INSTAGRAM. Just like our page
and publish the 4 photos on your own Instagram page with the hashtag #WWRD
Come back every week and be inspired by the design tips and principles you can use in your own home. Who knows, the winner could be YOU!
Interior design,
This channel focuses on the life of interior designer Rebecca Robeson and the fabulous team of designers and support staff that make up this successful Southern California design firm.

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Videography of Matthew Moran
Edited by Dorian Tucker
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    BEDROOM Decorating Ideas | #WWRD 2

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