HOW MOMS GO TO THE BATHROOM | I have no privacy 💩

HOW THE MOMS GO TO THE BATHROOM | Poop Problems | I have no privacy | Comedy Skit 💩

What's up guys Have you ever tried to use the bathroom with your children? Well, if you are a mother, this may seem a bit familiar. One thing you don't expect when you become a mom is that you lose much of your privacy … especially in the bathroom! I hope this comedy from my real life bathroom trips makes you laugh! Thanks for watching my gross mommy moments! No toilet paper wasted in making this movie 😜

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Lakelyn: 6 years
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Oh hello! If you..

We are happy that you found us! Who is & # 39; us & # 39; could you ask Well, I would do that myself, Kelley (apologizing now for my upset mother's voice), Matt (Curmudgeon girl dad) and our two wild daughters, Lakelyn and Teigan.

We started this channel when we realized that we had a million short iPhone videos of our family that we could never go back and watch again. We decided to start making videos that we would like to go back and see when we are old and gray. Our friends and family quickly became just as obsessed with looking at them, so … & # 39; Growing with the Garretts & # 39; was born. It's your not-so-average home videos.

We are a crazy, hysterical family (we think) vlogging our chaotic and fun life and the adventures we live! We live in the beautiful mountains of northern Georgia, just above the hustle and bustle of Atlanta. While you're here, subscribe and grow with us!

Video credits to Growing with the Garretts YouTube channel

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HOW MOMS GO TO THE BATHROOM | I have no privacy 💩

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