how to decorate a bathroom

How to decorate a bathroom.
The bathroom is often one of the most forgotten and forgotten rooms when it comes to decorating. Fortunately, there are some quick and easy ways to give your bathroom a fresh appearance. It can be as simple as changing towels and adding a plant, as elegant as adding wallpaper or painting the wall behind a set of shelves.

Method 1 Change patterns and colors.
1. Choose a theme and a color scheme for your bathroom. Most people prefer refreshing themes and colors, such as cold blues, zen, pale green or nautical. However, you can choose something more unique, such as vintage, romantic or ornate.
Pastel colors are ideal for a vintage look, while deep reds and golds are perfect for an ornate look.
You can also use neutral colors, such as black and white, or white and silver.
Your theme may be specific, such as a rustic farm, or general, as traditional or classic.
2. Repaint your bathroom or bathroom furniture. You can repaint the entire bathroom, or you can paint only 1 wall with an accent color. For example, if the walls of your bathroom are all white, consider painting 1 wall of a different color, such as light blue or pale gray.
Be sure to use a suitable paint for wet and bathroom environments.
The best paint finish for a bathroom will be satin or semi-gloss.
3. Add some wallpaper as an alternative. You can apply the wallpaper on all bathroom walls, or you can choose only 1 decorative wall. You can also use a narrow strip of wallpaper along the top or middle of the wall.
Make sure the wallpaper matches the color and theme of your bathroom.
4. Apply a wall treatment for an exclusive design. Excellent options for your bathroom include tiles, imitation imitation, stone or glass. Although they are a more expensive decorative option, wall treatments last a long time and elevate their design.
Make sure the wall treatment you choose is appropriate for a bathroom, as it will get wet. If in doubt, talk to a product representative.

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how to decorate a bathroom

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