How to Turn Your Bathroom into Spa Heaven!

Hi Kim Smart with Smart Interiors located in sunny San Diego.

My clients hired me to help them design a spa like the Master bath retreat. What I had to work with was a good sized bathroom, but all the basic tiles and cabinets of the builder had to leave. The huge indoor bathtub dominated the space and for a room of such a good size, the main shower was very small.

I am excited to show you the renovation and I want to point out the unique features of this master bathroom and I hope you get some good ideas for your designs.

This is what the teacher looks like now. One of the outstanding are the custom cabinets painted in a deep gray. The unique feature of the cabinets are the mirrors embedded in the linen cabinet and the tower. Mirrors help to add light, shine and break all the wood.

The white room countertop is a dramatic contrast to the gray cabinets and we place the rooms at both ends of the dressing table. This means that we take the countertops and extend them along the side of the cabinet to the floor. It is elegant

Before this room I had a huge bathtub with a tile cover around it. To modernize the space, we selected an independent oval bathtub and placed it at an angle so that everything did not feel so aligned against the walls. We also built the wall at an angle to follow the angle of the bathtub and there was no dead space behind the bathtub. This allowed the TV to be embedded in the mosaic. We also add a long niche just above the bathtub, so it is perfect for placing a drink.

One of the big changes in this room was to create a double shower. Before the shower it was very small and not as a main bathroom. What we did was move the toilet down and the space doubled. 2 shower heads and a rain shower were installed in addition to a bench. The marble cladding is a WOWZER and the gray split stone cladding on the floor adds an organic quality.

Here is a tip: when you decide where to place the niche of your shampoo bottle, choose to place it on the side walls, not on the wall in front of you when you enter the shower. Placing the niche on the side walls will help disguise the shampoo bottles and make the space look cleaner.

This master bathroom went from being a basic builder to the spa paradise and added significant value to my client's house.

Next time I will show you the dramatic transformation of the living room, dining room and entrance. It goes from ho-hum to alleluia!

If you like what you see, subscribe and leave me a comment about your favorite part of this renovation of the main bathroom. Until next time.

Video credits to Smart Interiors YouTube channel

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How to Turn Your Bathroom into Spa Heaven!

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