Installing a Bathroom Vanity – Easy Bath Updates

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Updating your bathroom is easier than you think. In the first part of this bathroom replenishment in 3 parts, The Home Depot shows you how easy it is to install a bathroom vanity. With our quick installation tips and other useful tips, the renovation of your bathroom will become a weekend DIY project.

Learn how to install a new sink and faucet and add a new lighting fixture, in part two and three of this series of videos:

Part two: Install Vanity Top Combo and Faucet –
Part three: Install a new lighting fixture –

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Affordable bathroom updates –


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** Video transcript **

Today we are going to show you how easy it is to really transform your bathroom in just one weekend. In this series of three videos, we will install the new and spacious dressing table, the new and elegant upper combo and the faucet, and we will improve our toilet lighting. And we will do everything with a few basic tools and a little know-how.

As you can see, we have already eliminated the existing vanity and mirror and it really was not difficult at all. To learn more about how we did this, visit

So now is the time for us to start creating the bathroom of our dreams. Let us begin.

Now some vanities are designed to be mounted on the wall with screws, but today we are installing an independent vanity cabinet. For this part, you will probably need help.

Now let's align the new vanity against the wall. To make sure that we cover the footprint of the old vanity. Otherwise, we will have to repair or paint the old areas. If space allows, think about getting a bigger dressing table than you had. It will give you more storage space and counter.

Okay, now we're going to dry, adjust the top of the dresser and sink it into the cabinet to make sure the drain pipes align with the existing plumbing pipes that come from the wall. Once you have everything in the position you want, remove the top of the dresser and place it on the sawhorses. This will make the installation of the key in our next step much easier.

Verify that the cabinet is level and fits, if necessary. If you would like more detailed information on any of the steps in our restroom remodeling series, visit

Video credits to The Home Depot YouTube channel

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    Installing a Bathroom Vanity – Easy Bath Updates

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