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Do you really need to hire a potter to put your tiles in your bathroom? It is not, in fact, if you are skilled … How to place tiles in the bathroom | How to lay tiles in the bathroom: interior design ideas … When installing tiles, thorough control and substrate preparation is of the utmost importance. All substrates must be clean, dry, flat, with a load capacity and without dust. Ideally, when installing ceramic tiles make sure there are no unplanned bumps or bumps on the floor.

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Ceramic tiles have always been the best possible solution when it comes to covering walls and floors, especially in rooms where there is a high possibility of moisture penetration. Ceramics are ideal materials, easy to maintain, resistant to chemicals, have good thermal stability and compressive strength. Typically, tiles are installed in bathrooms, garages, kitchens, and not infrequently in recent times and in living rooms and other rooms due to their beauty and the large number of different designs.

To start installing tiles in the bathroom, you will need the following:
hydro insulation
a rubber hammer
the level (vaservaga),
angle meter,
tile cutter,
pliers for cutting tiles,
angle grinder,
stone / concrete cutting board (diamond),
gear trowel,
and the extension of the glue mixer bit.

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Are you planning the bathroom of your dreams? Do you need to renew the design of your bathroom or do you want to refresh it with contemporary and modern details? Well, this video is perfect for you!
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Kako se postavljaju pločice u kupatilu | How to put tiles in Bathroom – Interior Design | KERAMIKA

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