Master Bathroom Transformation Design and other interesting projects by. Inspiring Concepts LLC

Call now for our Promotions, from demolition to fresh paint, remodeling professionals completely modernize the bathroom with all new accessories.
Bathroom inspection
Consultation of remodeling plans
Material Delivery
Sealing the room with plastic.
Old bathroom demolition
Garbage disposal
New bathtub frame
New bathtub installation.
Installation of new shower and bath faucet / plumbing
Water and plumbing connection.
Installation of cement panels on floors and walls surrounding the shower, as well as patches and sanding
Installation of tiles on floors and walls.
Grouting tiles
New bathroom installation
Complete assembly of a new wax ring and new bolts and pipes.
New toilet installation
Installation of new medicine cabinet and mirror
Installation of bathroom accessories,
Installation of luminaires with electricity.
Installation of new faucets and plumbing.
GFCI output
New switch with electricity
New extractor (if already present)
Primer and paint for walls and ceilings.
Tests to ensure proper operation.
Other materials, including cement panels, dry walls, bonding components, glue, paint, grout, plumbing materials, electrical materials, trimmings and stains.
About Inspiring Concepts LLC Home Renovations and Improvements
Inspiring Concepts Renovation & Home Improvement, LLC, is located in Chicago, Illinois, and has been serving customers faithfully in Chicago Il, Weston FL, Minneapolis MN, Aberdeen NJ, Atlanta GA, for more than 22 years. We offer a variety of home remodeling services in kitchens, paint, floors, textured walls, basements / complete attics, we specialize in bathrooms.

Inspirational concepts Renovation and home improvement is committed to providing you, the customer, what you want, not what we think you need. Whether it's a redesign and total renovation of the bathroom or something simple like replacing your toilet or closing the valves, we are fully committed to every job from start to finish, our services are completed with a clean performance with exceptional detailed finishes.

As a family-owned and operated business, we fully understand the value of the almighty dollar, especially in a recessionary economy, we also understand that your time is valuable and that we will not waste it being late for an appointment or estimate. If you are tired of contractors arriving late, miss an appointment and waste your valuable time, call us; We will be there for you and on time! From start to finish, we will perform our duties "on time".

We offer free estimates without obligation and do not use "hard sell" tactics. You will never hear "and if you sign today" or "what will it take to win your business today?" of us. What you will get from us is a complete written estimate that details exactly our intentions for your project. Your written budget, like our first meeting together, will be delivered "On time!"
We hope to hear from you soon. Contact (773) 322-0353 and have a wonderful day!

Video credits to inspiringconceptsllc YouTube channel

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Master Bathroom Transformation Design and other interesting projects by. Inspiring Concepts LLC

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