Painting Ideas for Kid's Rooms Rain Forest Pt 2
Take a look at Pt 2 of this transformation room. Virginia DesRoches of Artful Interior Finishing is a DIY Handy-Girl with talent and vision to improve the appearance of things with paint. Inspired by the design approach of David Bromstad, Virginia is an artist who has a passion for drawing and painting, and incorporates this into the remodeling of her room design. This week's video was about the design process using a theme of the rainforest as its starting point. His custom canvas mural incorporates the Rain Forest theme in space. It helps to unify all the colors and bring the outdoors to the interior. He gathered the room with bold colors and fun accessories that brought a fun atmosphere to the space.

The mural becomes the focal point in the transformation of this room. Painting on canvases instead of painting on the walls gives you the freedom to rotate the artwork to different walls and also saves you time and the intense labor of having to eliminate all those layers of unwanted paint later on.

Create a room for children that celebrates its personality with bright colors and a thematic decoration.
Your child's favorite activities and interests can provide an instant theme for their bedroom.

Restoration Hardware offers a collection of accessories and rustic furniture that adds charm and character to any room.

Create a harmonious space with cozy details that stimulate creativity and excite your imagination.
A large map mural adds style while inspiring your dreams of adventure.
. DESIGN TIP: small details such as an accent table, a playful carpet or a fun figure can add a big impact.

CHOICE OF PAINTING COLORS: Let your child participate in decorating decisions. Does he have a favorite color? A favorite superhero, sport or hobby you can choose? Just keep in mind that dark and bold colors reduce space If the room is small, opt for a lighter shade in that family of colors.

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Video credits to Artful Interior Finishing YouTube channel

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Painting Ideas for Kid's Rooms Rain Forest Pt 2

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